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Are you looking for a fun mystery gift for you or someone you care about?! 

Do you want to give the perfect gift without the hassle of wrapping and picking?! 

This is perfect for you! 

You simply pick which price range you want to choose from, and we intuitively pick the perfect Christmas Gift for you! 


We have a fun version of Crystal Confetti called "Moon Mix!"  It includes statement pieces, tumbles, raw stones, fossils, shells, herbs, incense, and more!   


This high-end mix of tumbles, chips, statement pieces, and other crystal-only items are sure to leave you wanting more!  We make the mixes seasonally to ensure that you get the special combination of gemstones you are looking for!  This mix doesn't include any of the extra items- gemstones only!

Currently our Seasonal Crystal Confetti Includes (but is not limited to) :

Peach Moonstone - calmness, fertility, transition, boosts psychic abilities

Leopard Skin Jasper - protection, harmony, energy, growth

Snowflake Obsidian- balance, focus, growth, purity, removes negative energy

(because we are in SC & you never know what weather you will get) 

Sunset Sodalite: self-awareness, truth, intuition, communication

Tigers Eye- motivation, protection, vitality, confidence, courage

Green Aventurine- attracts love, healing, abundance, success, growth

Amazonite- healing, harmony, intuition, success, balance, independence

Chevron Amethyst- balance, meditation, overcoming grief, brings positive energy

Unakite- healing, alignment, relieves stress, helps with breaking addictions

Rose Quartz- love, self-love, healing, trust, compassion, forgiveness

& MORE!!!

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